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If you want to pay by bank transfer in an online shop, you must select the appropriate payment option in the Payment method step. In the meantime, numerous providers have provided a direct transfer as a payment method. Your biggest advantage is certainly that the immediate transfer from Switzerland is fast. The Direct payment brings you many advantages! Your order can be shipped faster because your online merchant receives a transaction confirmation immediately after successful transfer.

Fast payment This is how an instant transfer works

Fast payment This is how an instant transfer works

When you shop on the Internet, you usually have the choice between multiple payment methods. Often offered is the so-called Direct payment. How the Direct payment expires and whether it is safe, you will learn from us. Direct payment is a so-called online direct transfer method based on your online banking. If you choose Direct payment from the payment methods of an online retailer, you will be redirected to a prepared transfer slip.

If all details are given correctly, you enter your access data for online banking and the information is passed on to your house bank. The Direct payment has as all types of payment advantages and disadvantages. For you as a customer the immediate transfer is important. The benefits of direct bank transfer are obvious: you do not need to provide your account information to every online retailer where you can make a single purchase.

In addition, Direct payment can advance the processing of your purchase. Another advantage: You do not have to sign up for the instant bank transfer, as this is done completely through your online banking. Are instant transfers safe? The security of this payment method is difficult to ensure. Your bank details are transmitted by the provider of the Direct payment, the Munich company Softort GmbH, in encrypted form.

In the case of instant bank transfer, however, you must inform the company of the secret number and number, which will then carry out the transfer on your behalf. This principle of direct payment is criticized by critics. So far, however, no cases of abuse are known – suggesting that the procedure is harmless.

Pay on the Internet: Immediate transfer

Pay on the Internet: Immediate transfer

The Direct payment is integrated in thousands of online shops and allows you a quick advance payment. A bank transfer to the online shop takes place in the PIN / TAN procedure. As a rule, the house banks offer home banking via PIN / TAN procedures, so that small and large amounts can be quickly and easily rewritten. This also applies to the purchase in many online shops.

When purchasing by cash in advance, the credit will first be sent by (online) transfer to the store. The goods will be shipped. The problem is that it often takes up to three days until the transfer arrives at the merchant. Only then can the delivery take place – the online order takes longer.

With Direct payment it is much faster. This is integrated into thousands of online shops and allows a quick advance payment: First select the payment method “Direct payment” in the shopping cart of the online shop. If the order process includes a payment, the online shop opens the Direct page. The Direct payment then establishes a link with the bank and records the payments due on the online shop.

Direct payment therefore sends an e-mail to the online shop that the buyer has paid. With this direct order confirmation, the online shop can deliver the order immediately.