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You will receive important information about your application. Loans without credit bureau and no credit check are very tempting! The credit bureau knows from me: A brief employment law assessment, whether the employer of a candidate can demand a credit bureau information or a police certificate of good conduct. Anyone applying for a loan today, opening a checking account or signing up for a mobile phone contract should be familiar with the credit bureau.

Credit bureau information on the Internet

Credit bureau information on the Internet

The credit bureau information on the Internet gives you access to the self-reports filed with the credit bureau at all times. In addition to your stock data (eg name, address, etc.), this also includes inquiries from our business partners, eg from banks, retail companies or telecommunications providers. You can retrieve the credit bureau information from your computer or, with the same security standards, from your smartphone or tablet computer.

Notifications by e-mail and / or text message about credit-related inquiries or changes in one’s own creditworthiness and personality. The UpdateServices inform you, for example, if one of our contractual parties requests information about you or if a change in your personal details (eg your address) is communicated. If you have further information about credit bureau, you are welcome to contact BeratungsDirekt.

Your credit bureau experts will advise you from 08:00 to 19:00 and Sa from 10:00 to 16:00 and support you with help and advice on all credit bureau topics, eg on credit bureau information and other credit bureau products. Storage and deletion dates, evaluation and all other questions about the use of your online access. With the FormService you get in the download area useful form templates for different areas such as rental or credit.

The minimum period is 12 months and will be extended for another 12 months if you do not cancel the service. The notice period is one calendar month at the end of the term. is the credit bureau ServiceCenter available:

credit bureau: Request self-disclosure, correct incorrect information

credit bureau: Request self-disclosure, correct incorrect information

The consumer should always contact the credit bureau to get information about themselves. Credit bureaus such as credit bureau or Créditreform record and archive an entire range of consumer data unobtrusively. From this a so-called score value is determined. It is intended to provide information about the creditworthiness of the respective customer and thus to divide consumers into those with good and bad payment behavior.

“The score can determine whether consumers can conveniently shop by credit card or just in advance on the net.” Credit bureaus are not required to verify the accuracy of the information collected, so consumers should check the information regularly. Depending on the credit agency, various information is stored. In addition to name, birthday and address, current accounts, credit, credit, surety, cell phone and rental agreements, as well as installment payments can be recorded.

“Consumers have the right under the Federal Data Protection Act to know what information a credit reference agency has about them. Consumers can access their information free of charge once a year. “Often enough, the stored information is wrong or outdated.” “It looks like the credit bureaus would not punish the sloppiness of data entry points,” he complains.

The self-identity card can be requested via the credit report. However, the credit bureau website must make sure that consumers do not receive a paid purchase offer. The application, whether by e-mail or letter, must include the full first name, current address and date of birth of the consumer.