【 係統概述 】System overview

  耐火型母線槽由塗有防火塗料的外殼,包纏耐火陶瓷化複合帶的母線和由耐火絕緣材料製成的支架組成。支架上開有多個長腰孔槽,由水平壓板及垂直壓板將耐火母線固定於支架上。在母線槽的一端有母線槽連接始端箱,在母線槽內有母線分接盒。耐火型母線槽具有優良的絕緣性能,既可在正常環境中連續使用,又可在失火環境中連續使用 1 小時到 3 小時以上,可適用於高層建築及重要設施中,如安裝有發電機的重要廠房及辦公場所等,代替耐火電纜起輸配電作用,其輸電電流等級大,維修方便可靠,使用年限遠比電纜長久,綜合使用成本遠低於耐火電纜。

  There a fireproof coating covers on the busbar, wrap the ceramic composite tape and made by fireproof isolation materials.Some elliptical holes in the support part, the vertical and horizontal plates fix the fireproof busbar on the support parts. There is the connection beginning box at its one side, the tap box inside the busbar. It has a good isolation capability, can be used continuous both in normal and fire environment last 1 to 3 hours, which can used in high building and important establishment, such as the plant with generator or office place, what transmit powers instead of fireproof cables. Its current outgoing is high and easy of maintaining, use lifespan is longer than cable, and the complete cost is much lower than fireproof cable.

結構特點 structure feature

與一般的傳統耐火母線相比,我公司的耐火母線槽具有以下明顯優勢:We have following advantages definitely than the traditional busbar:


Closed and pressed Sandwiches ’design, compact appearance and small volume. There are some advantages like low impedance, decrease voltage and good dynamic thermal stability.


The enclosure formed by cold shaped and thin steel. Out busbar with high current adopts an optimization structure with unique double housing and fireproof painting, the double protection can prevent the high temperature gas or fire from going inside the busbar. The housing surface covers the galvanization and fireproof painting. (the painting can expand in geometric speed immediately and form a dense carbonization insulation layer, close all the gaps and prevent the high temperature from going inside it.)


Special fireproof isolation parts of connection end, reliable and convenience connection.

4. 相排之間的絕緣采用母線國內外領先的陶瓷化複合帶進行絕緣,其性能可靠,環保,無鹵無毒,比由岩棉包覆的傳統母線,散熱好,溫升低。生產方便。

The isolation between phase bars are advanced ceramic composite tape, reliable capability and environment protect. No halogen no poison. Better heating, lower temperature rise and more convenient production than traditional busbar.